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‘Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and all the team for giving my daughter with such an incredible experience in Gran Canarias. She got back so buzzing about all the adventures she’d been on. I think she loved the boat trip most of all, but she was also enthusing us about the coffee farm, banana plantation and the meal in the lighthouse restaurant. And the more we chat, the more she reveals. I’m sure it’s had a huge effect on her, and given her a big boost in confidence. So thanks again for all your organising skills and for looking after her so well out there.’

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Everything has been so good.

The students have loved every moment and been pushed to do more and experience things that they haven’t had the chance to do before!

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This has been life changing for me and my family in ways I never imagined and has shown me never to plod along in life and to push for your goals and dreams.’

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‘Thank you for the opportunity of going and having gone with an open mind, I had an inspirational time. Seeing the students grow in confidence and push themselves beyond their comfort zone. By getting to know the students and staff I have now made some true friends. The trip has made me more positive and realise how lucky I am. Seeing the joy and fun the students had made it all worthwhile. There were so many highlights I cannot list them all.’

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